Welcome to Grand ARCO ampm (Dry Ice / Car Wash / Diesel / Propane)

At Grand ARCO ampm, we offer Dry Ice (Party Ice / Hot Ice), Large & Small Quantities...

You can reach us at T:(510) 465-4450 and by F:(510) 550-2841.   We are looking forward to hearing from you.   You can also contact us at E-mail address: grandarco@gmail.com.

We also provide Propane Tank Purchase, Tank Exchange, and Tank Upgrade from 5am ~ 10pm.

At Grand ARCO ampm, we offer Automatic SoftGloss FoamBrite Car Wash by RYCO SOFTGLOSS MAXX which includes: Five (5) wash arms with patented split tall wash arms, Foam Bath / Shampoo Option with patented foam with no holes and 100% foam washing material, Undercar with Rocker Nozzles, Cold Clear Coat Option, Overhead Slim Line Dryer.  Car Wash open from 6am ~ 10pm.

At ARCO ampm, you always know what to expect: Good Gasoline & Diesel No.2 at a good price.  You need to get from point A to point B, and we have the gasoline & Diesel No.2, and we are Open 24 hours / 365 days.   At ARCO ampm, it is more than just a convenient store.   We offer more variety with bountiful hot and cold food stations and beverage bars.   This is an extraordinary convenience-store experience.   Stop in and indulge, let loose and snack with wild abandon 24 hours / 365 days.

Our business is located at 889 W. Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94607. (Cross from Market St.)